Welcome to my world of beauty! Growing up my grandmother owned a very successful salon called “Ruby Duby” and my mother was the top stylist in that salon. Being blessed with an inherited talent, I began to realize my passion for hair styling when I was only 11 years old.

It began with experimenting with cornrows on my classmates and grew into a receiving more requests from students for their picture day hairstyle. When I entered high school my mother’s house became my workplace. My passion grew even stronger and I began expanding my services as well as clientele. This became a part-time job that allowed to save and purchase lunches at school.

As I finished grade twelve and entered the real world of college and independency, I felt the pressure to enter a career that was more recognized. In doing so I stopped pursuing hairstyling and did a formal ECE program. After completing the program I had no passion or motivation to continue on in that field. I remember going to my mom in her kitchen and fearfully letting her know that I wanted to enroll in beauty school. My mothers response was, “okay you can go, but I’m so sorry I cannot afford your tuition.” I remember looking up at my mother and saying, “thank you ma but don’t worry about my tuition. I will find a way.” So I went ahead and enrolled in the program.

It was important for me to ensure that I was a certified professional and that I knew the best way to care for my clients’ hair. I no longer wanted to provide a home service salon. I wanted my clients to have a full experience and to elevate my “job” into a career. Faith was the mitigating factor that encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone. I remember one night I prayed and said, “God, everything in me is telling me to go out and pursue this hair vision with full force. I’m scared and I don’t know if I will make it but I’m trusting you and believing that this is the purpose you have for my life. I will take a walk in faith. Please show me the way. I trust you.” And from there I became fearless and was so shocked at my success in the first month. This confirmed that this was the right career for me. I absolutely love what I do! My joy in life comes from seeing others happy. I find great pleasure in making people look and feel beautiful one client at a time. My goal in life is to inspire others.

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